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BV/IREVA 45s - US Open Team
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
5-29 to
US Open -
San Jose, CA
McNeil Bishop Eitzmann Hastie
Holmes Sents Sparkes Mack (t)
* Only claim to fame: Played in pool with 1st & 3rd Gold and 2nd Silver Winners.

Bad Fish
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
11-14-98Broome CCBB115/5 (1-7) dnq.?? PC DA TK PT JS SC PE KF
12-19-98Broome CCBB104/5 (4-4) dnq.5t PC DA TK BL PO TH PE
01-23-99J C AlbanyBB103/5 (4-4) dnq.5t PC DA BL PO SC PT TS
02-07-99Corning CCBB102/5 (5-3) 2-11-22nd PC DA TK PO BL PT PE (JF)
03-06-99Corning CCBB93/4 (4-5) dnq.5t PC DA TK PO BL TH PE (JF)
03-27-99Broome CCBB105/5 (2-6) dnq.5t PC DA TK PO BL TH SC PE JS (JF)
04-11-99Canastota #40s21/3 (7-1) na1-22nd PC DA PO JH KF MMc DS MB JW

Cross Court
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
10-25-98Albany YBBf73t/7 (6-6) nana3t MM TS JS JSc PL KF CC
11-14-98Broome CCBB114/6 (5-5) dnq.5t TS MB JW MN TM DS SK JS
12-19-98Broome CCBB105/5 (1-7) dnq.5t MM MB JW MN TM DS JS JC SC
02-07-99Corning CCBB105/5 (2-6) dnq.5t MM MB TS JW MN TM JC JS
03-07-99CanastotaB51t/5 (6-2) na1-22nd MM MB JW MN TM JC JS
03-27-99Broome CCBB104/5 (2-6) dnq.5t MM MB TS DS JS KF PL
04-11-99Canastota #45s12/3 (5-3) nana1st MM JS JH JSe DA PO Chas Walt

The Terrace
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
11-14-98Broome CCBB113/5 (4-4) dnq.5t MM JH JS MG MN RL DN TR
12-19-98Broome CCBB103/5 (5-3) dnq.5t MM JH JS MG MN RL TR EB
01-10-99CGCCBB103t/5 (3-5) dnq.5t MM JH MG RL TR KF
02-07-99Corning CCBB105/5 (1-7) dnq.5t MM JS MG MN RL TR MF
03-06-99Corning CCBB91/4 (7-2) 0-2dnq3t MM JH JS MG MN RL TR TS
03-20-99TunkhannockBB83/4 (4-5) dnq.5t MM JH MG MN TR MMc SR
03-27-99Broome CCBB103/5 (4-4) dnq.5t MM JS MG MN TR CC RodB
04-11-99Canastota #35s??/? (?-?) ??? MM BL SB PH TS TM Greg

DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
11-14-98Broome CCBB113/6 (5-5) dnq.5t SB PH RA DP RE PK TJ
12-19-98Broome CCBB102/5 (5-3) 0-2.3t SB RA RE PL TJ RH TS
02-07-99Corning CCBB103?/5 (4-4) dnq.5t SB PH RA KK PK PL TJ KF
02-13-99Saratoga YBB/B101/5 (8-0) 1-02-01st SB PH DP PK PL JSc
02-21-99Albany Y BB/B102/5 (6-2) 1-2dnq3t SB PH RA RE PK PL KF
03-06-99Corning CCBB93/5 (?-?) dnq.5t SB PL ?
03-20-99TunkhannockBB84/4 (2-7) dnq.5t SB KF RH ?? ?? JSc
03-27-99Broome CCBB102/5 (6-2) ?0-22nd SB PH RA RE PK TJ RH
04-03-99Broome CCOpen44/4 (?-?) 1-00-12nd SB PH RA PK KF PL DP RL
04-10-99Canastota #30s??/? (?-?) ??? SB RA MNo MMc JSc BL Shorkey

DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
10-25-98Albany YBBf52/5 (6-2) nana2nd JC DK AO TT LK KB KN
11-14-98Broome CCBB52t/5 (4-4) nana2t? JC DK AO TT LK KB KC JJ
12-13-98CanastotaBB101/5 (8-0) 2-00-22nd JC DK TT LK KB KN JJ
12-19-98Broome CCBB72/7 (8-4) na1-22nd JC DK AO TT KC LK KB
01-17-99CanastotaBB91/4 (8-1) 2-10-22nd JC DK LK KB SD SW
02-07-99CGCCA/BB51t/5 (6-2) nadnq3rd JC DK LK AO JJ KN
02-28-99CanastotaBB51/5 (8-0) nana1st JC LK AO KN KC SD
03-27-99Broome CCBB101/5 (8-0) 2-02-11st JC DK LK AO KB JJ SD
04-03-99Broome CCA 6 4/6 (3-7) 0-1dnq3t DK LK KB KC JJ SD (JC)
04-18-99Cortland #BB171/4 (9-0) 2-0/2-02-11st JC DK LK KN KB JJ SD

Joy of Sets
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
11-14-98Broome CCBB52t/5 (4-4) nana2t? LB LE MoB MP AK IS LT
12-06-98Albany YBB10?/5 (7-1) 0-2.4 JK BA RB LT PF MiB AK
12-13-98CanastotaBB102/5 (5-3) 0-2.4 LL JK BA RB SB MiB AK
12-13-98CanastotaBB105/5 (0-8) dnq.5t LB MP ED JS SD MoB
12-19-98Broome CCBB75/7 (5-7) nadnq5 LL JK BA JS MoB AK SD
12-19-98Broome CCBB76/7 (4-8) nadnq6 LE LF IS ED RF SW B?
01-10-99CanastotaBB54/5 (3-5) nana4 MP RF MiB RB PF SW
01-31-99Albany YBB103/5 (4-4) dnq.5t AK ED MiB RB RF SW
02-21-99Albany YBB105/5 (2-6) dnq.5t LL AK BA JK LB MP
02-21-99Albany YBB102/5 (5-3) 0-2dnq3t BH LT MiB PF RB RF
03-14-99Albany YBB53/5 (4-4) dnq.3 LL AK MiB PF RB JK
03-27-99Broome CCBB104/5 (3-5) dnq.5t LL AK JK RB PF MoB
03-27-99Broome CCBB104/5 (2-6) dnq.5t RF LB LT ED BH SD
04-18-99Cortland #BB171/4 (8-1) 2-0/0-2dnq3t LL AK BA JK MiB PF RB SW
04-18-99Cortland #BB174/4 (1-8) dnq.?? BH LB MoB MP RF SD
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