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BV 35's Team finishes 7th in Silver Div. at US Open:
....... Bradtke, Corby, Farrell, Hastie, Lageman, Mack, Strollo & Thurm.

DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
01-25-97Herkimer A42/4 (?-?) .?-22nd AC BC CC BM RM LA MS JS
02-09-97CanastotaA41/4 (8-1) .n/a1st AC BC CC RM LA MS JS
02-23-97St. J FisherAA53t/5 (3-5) ..3t AC BC RM LA MS JS
04-06-97Canastota # AA??/? (?-?) ??? ? - AC BC RM LA MS JS

Cross Court
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
10-20-96Albany JCBB5F4/5 (3-5) ... MM MF CH CN JW PC PT
11-10-96BroomeCC BB144/5 (3-5) ... MM CH CN RB TM TS JS JM
12-14-96BroomeCC BB113/6 (7-3) ... MM CH RB JW MB TS JS
01-05-97CorningCCBB102/5 (6-2) 0-2.3t MB CH RB DS MF TS JS
04-19-97Ft Drum #BB135/5 (1-7) ... MB JW MF TS TM JS

Six Pack
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
10-27-96Albany Y BB5F5/5 (1-7) ... MM AH TM RE JH JM SH
11-10-96BroomeCC BB142/5 (6-2) 0-2*.5t MM AH TM WP JH JS SH MH
11-30-96CorningCCBB94/5 (2-6) ... MM AH RE JH JS MB JS
12-14-96BroomeCC BB113/5 (5-3) ... MM AH TM WP JH JS RE MH
01-12-97CanastotaBB92/4 (5-4) 1-2+.3t MM AH TM JS WP JH
01-18-97CazenoviaBB53/5 (3-5) ... MM AH JS MH MF RL BC
02-02-97Voorhees. B101t/5 (7-1) 0-2.3t MM AH JS MH MF RL
03-01-97TunkhanockBB105/5 (1-7) ... MM AH JS TM MF RL
03-15-97TunkhanockBB103/5 (2-6) ... MM AH JS WP JH MF RL
04-05-97Albany U #B 122/4 (6-3) 2-00-22nd MM AH TM WP JH MF RL

W Branch Anglers
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
11-10-96BroomeCC BB142/4 (6-3) 1-2.3t PO DA TM TK JS PC PT BL
11-30-96CorningCCBB93/4 (4-5) ... PO DA TH JS PC BL GG
12-14-96BroomeCC BB112/5 (6-2) 0-2.3t PO DA TM TH JS PC PT BL DS
01-18-97CazenoviaBB51t/5 (7-1) n/a0-22nd PO TM JS PC PT BL
03-08-97Raleigh,NCBB161/4 (?-?) 2-?1-22nd PO DA TM JS PC PT TK
04-12-97Cazenovia #3551t/5 (6-2) n/a0-22nd PO DA PC PT BL TH TS
04-19-97Ft Drum #BB133/4 (3-6) ... PO DA TM JS PC PT TK BL

DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
11-10-96BroomeCC BB144/5 (1-7) ... SB PH KF RA DP TC JC
11-30-96CorningCCBB92/5 (6-2) 0-2.3t SB PH KF RA KK CC RB
12-14-96BroomeCC BB111/6 (8-2) 2-01-2?2nd SB PH KF RA DP CC
01-05-97CorningCCBB103/5 (3-5) ... SB PH KK JC CC DP TC
01-12-97CanastotaBB91t/5 (7-1) 2-1+1-22nd SB PH KF RA JC CC TK
02-02-97CazenoviaBB102/5 (?-?) 0-2.3t SB PH RA JC CC KK TC
02-09-97Fult-MtgmBB81/4 (7-2) 1-2.3t SB PH KF CC DP TC T Muss
03-01-97TunkhanockBB102t/5 (4-4) 0-2.3t SB KF RA CC DP KK RE
03-15-97TunkhanockBB102/5 (5-3) 2-12-01st SB KF RA DP JC RB M Shorkey
04-12-97Cazenovia #3551t/5 (6-2) n/a2-01st SB KF MM WP JH BM DS JH
04-13-97Canastota #3072/4 (3-3) 0-2.3t SB RA TC CC RL TM TK
04-19-97Ft Drum #BB132t/4 (?-?) 0-2.3t SB PH RA CC DP JC JM
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