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DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players

Cross Court
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players
12-21-03Broome CCB10?/? (5-3) dnq.? DA LB TS TM PO JS BM JN
01-04-04Broome CCB 63/6 (5-5) dnq.4 MM DA LB TS GG JS RM
02-28-04TunkhannockBB/B 9?/9 (3-5) dnq. ? MM DA TS DL AM BC QW
04-04-04RegionalsB 12?/? (?-?) ?-??-?1st Silver MM DA TM TS PO BH TK

En Fuego
DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
12-21-03Broome CCB104/5 (3-5) dnq.? SK TR JB PT CG DH RM MG
01-04-04Broome CCB 62/6 (7-3) na1-2 2nd SK TR JB PT CG DH MJ
02-28-04TunkhannockBB/B 95/9 (5-3) 0-2dnq 3t SK PT MG CG DH DC TK
03-06-04TunkhannockBB/B104/5 (2-6) dnqdnq 5t SK TR CG DH RM JB
03-14-04Broome CCB92/4 (7-2) 0-2dnq 3t SK JB PT CG DH RM MG
04-04-04RegionalsB 122/? (4-2) 1-2dnq3rd Gold SK TR JB DC CG DH RM MG

DatePlaceLevTmsPool SemiFinalFinish Players
12-20-03Broome CCBB 83/4 (5-4) dnq.? SB RA PL DS TJ MB JM
01-03-04Broome CCBB 7?/7 (4-8) dnq.? SB PL DS TJ MB JM TC
01-10-04MorrisvilleBB103/5 (4-4) dnq.? SB RA DS TJ MB SK
02-15-04Broome CCBB102/5 (5-3) 1-2dnq3t? SB RA PL DS TJ MB JM TC CJ
02-29-04Broome CCBB103/5 (4-4) dnq.5t SB RA PL DS TJ MB JM TC CJ
03-06-04TunkhannockBB/B102/5 (5-3) 0-2dnq3t SB PL DS MB TC SS
03-13-04Broome CCBB103/5 (5-3) dnq.5t SB RA PL DS TJ MB JM
03-21-04OneontaBB9?2t/4 (4-5) 0-2dnq3t SB PL DS MB JM TC TR
04-04-04Regionals BB122t/? (3-3) 1-2s.?s SB RA PL DS TJ MB JM TC

Dig Into It
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players

Fire It Up
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players

Crush It
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players

BVC Ruckus
DatePlaceLevTms PoolSemiFinalFinish Players

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